Sivakami Muthukumar

Hi, I'm Sivakami.

Congratulations for entering into my space 🌌 ,

Here are some facts about me πŸ€—

Hi Friend! (Reason, why I stick with "Friend" in case you aren't one now, I desire to be one after this message πŸ˜‰)

I'm an extroverted Aeronautical Engineer who aspires to be the author of my destiny.

I believe in keeping the "inner-kid" alive to enjoy every little happening that arises around us.

I'm passionate about :

$ Learning
$ Writing
$ Spreading Love
$ Reading and books
$ Sleeping

Services I'm good at :

# Personal branding on LinkedIn
# Website content writing
# Wordpress Blogs
# Social Media Marketing
# Penning a personalized poem
# Tags, Slogans, Business Titles for Businesses
# Ghost writing
# Translations

If my experience is questioned?

Here is the answer to it.

# I have worked with 5+ clients on my strengths for the past 5 months of my content journey πŸ€—
# I hold a Business English Certification with vantage level cleared under Cambridge University and many certifications on my merits πŸ˜‡
# I'm very much interested in working with a lot of new people ☺

I wish to extend my hand in working together with you, give me a call for discovery πŸ˜‡

I'm just a Dm away...let's stay in touch.

Have a great day πŸ˜‡

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